am i allowed to be sad?
in front of you i give my best smile
but am i allowed to be sad?
bet you are gonna walk away like the others
then am i allowed to be sad?
i think you are afraid of what i am feeling
still am i allowed to be sad?
the ocean is my sadness
i wish i was allowed to be sad
if i gave myself back to the sky
i allow you to be sad

 - palepation



I’d never get my heart broken again
That’s my promise.


call me

call me a thief,
that stole your heart,
call me a magician,
that does wonders to your feelings,
call me a hurdler,
that will always run to you no matter the obstacle,
call me a treasure,
that you want to cherish dearly,
call me by your name,
till death do us part.

 - palepitation (3.00 AM)
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